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Sony PSP: The Original Sony PSP Community

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This is the first community just for Sony PSP fans. I thought it would be cool to see how the community grows and develops both before and after the machine is released. This is the first and main PSP community having been in place since the machine's release.

Membership is currently open and their are few rules except to use tact and a little maturity when posting.

Under no circumstances will 'Free PSP' posts be tolerated. No-one on here cares and no-one wants idiot-driven advertising spilling over into their friends page. Members using this community to advertise these schemes will have their membership terminated immediately.

Also, please do not post direct links to copyrighted or otherwise pirated material. Any discussion containing specific details of illegal movies or music and the production and distribution of these files will be deleted and the offending members risk having their membership terminated.

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acefrehley Moderator

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